EVS - Elliott's Vending Solutions

Why we are different


Snaky These machines are the full combination machines which hold the full range of items. The machines have a capacity of 60 Crisps, 160 Chocolate, 36 Bottles and 36 Cans. Machine has Sure Vend beam fitted , which guarantees a vend or the customers money back. Full audit, price setting in an instant and much more at the push of a button. Dimensions – 1600mm x 710mm x 800mm.

Snaky Max

A slightly taller version of the Snaky, these are really brilliant machines which come packed with a host of features. Machine capacity is 60 Crisps, 166 Chocolate and 72 Drinks. This machine has the added bonus of accepting bottles and/or cans. As a clever feature, the Sure Vend beam again is fitted at the foot of the machine which means that no coin is taken until a product has definitely vended. You can read full audit totals, test motors, change prices in a push of a button. Really is an extremely clever machine which is very simple to operate. Dimensions of machine allow it to go through any door, with its width being just 29". Dimensions - 1830mm x 710mm x 800mm.


A larger version of the Snaky Max machine. This machine has an overall capacity for 80 Crisps, 210 Chocolate and 96 Drinks. Same set up as the Snaky Max machine - just larger - exact same features. Beautiful condition. Dimensions - 1800mm x 890mm x 860mm.


The brand new addition to the Necta range and a replacement of the Sfera machine. This machine comes packed with the most energy efficient settings allowed. All machines are fitted with full LED positional lighting and full A+ rated energy efficient fridge. Total split as standard is 2 trays of Crisps, 2 trays of chocolate and 2 drinks. Increased capacity from the Snaky Max with 80 crisps, 214 Chocolate and 96 drinks. Simple design coupled with truly excellent performance makes this an ideal addition to any medium to large site. Dimensions – 1830mm x880mm x 860mm

Mission Statement

"We strive to deliver quality products, customer satisfaction and efficient delivery service. With our dedicated team we regard these qualities as being essential in the Foodservice sector. Service is the key and we emphasize excellence in every aspect of our relationship with our customers. We Continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best competitive priced quality products. Your Business is our Business."